Two mayors stand out and do their own surveys

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Nevertheless, In the communes of Godoy Cruz and Luján, the numbers seem to support the officialdom, the UCR and the PRO, respectively, since they would not only be high the figures of the image of the management of the mayors Tadeo García Zalazar and Sebastián Bragagnolo, but they also give good projections to their candidates for the Deliberative Council.

“Since the middle of last year we we apply the rule of conducting surveys every two months, especially to measure the acceptance of the management and also the demand for services and claims, to contrast if what is planned is what the neighbor really asks for. To that we have now added the image of the candidates for the Deliberative Council, “they say from Luján.

In principle, that commune asked the Elbio Rodríguez consultancy for the survey, but now it does it with its own team of pollsters. The last one took place last weekend and the results could be known in the coming days.

Something similar happens in Godoy Cruz, where the mayor and president of the provincial UCR, Tadeo García Zalazar, intends to update the perception of his second managementn as a communal chief, but also how they measure the candidates he promotes to represent his party in the Deliberative Council, and what firepower the opposition and possible third forces could have.

But this time, this commune asked to know not only the projection of the local candidates, but also that of the provincial ones, since the Godoicruceño radicalism also drives several figures to the provincial Legislature.

In that poll, the numbers of the Godo-Crucean measurement would encourage a good performance of the official candidates, and also a worrying fact: between the percentage of absenteeism and the possible blank votes they would add a figure of two digits.

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