Tinelli and Guille Valdés were babysitters for Jimena Barón’s son during the weekend

This weekend, Jimena Barón took the opportunity to relax. The singer went to a meeting that had luxury hosts: Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés. But the party did not end there, he also went out to have fun once the event ended. And so that she only worries about having a good time, the host of La Academia and the show’s jury took care of her son, Morrison.

“The barbecue that Marcelo and Guille did was very good. Spectacular! To me a vegetarian because I am a vegetarian ”, revealed the influencer in one of her Instagram stories. Then, he would describe a situation that he classified as “unusual.” “I was fucking gone and they are taking care of Morrison, basically. He stayed to sleep at my boss’s house and I had a great time, “he added in a video where he thanked the luxury babysitters.

In addition, the artist shared a message where Guillermina told her to enjoy free time. A suggestion that Baron did not pass up. “And if I have enjoyed it,” he said in a story where he mischievously pointed to blonde hair extensions next to his bed.

Echoing these posts, Valdés was very happy about the time she spent with her colleague’s son. “Here having breakfast from 8 am with Momo,” he published.

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