Three years of conditional prison for a policeman who robbed the Government House

Prosecutors Ezequiel Hernández and Mariela Jiménez.
Prosecutors Ezequiel Hernández and Mariela Jiménez.

An agent of the Santa Fe Police was convicted of stealing a computer and a cell phone from an office of the Government House in the provincial capital and trying, days later, to sell them online. The 43-year-old uniformed man, identified as Mauricio Abel Orihuela, was sentenced by Judge Luis Octavio Silva to three years in conditional prison.

The sentence was resolved in a trial in which the procedures that took place this Sunday in the Courts of the city of Santa Fe were shortened.

The prosecutors who investigated what happened are Mariela Jiménez and Ezequiel Hernández, who indicated that the convicted police officer must also pay a fine of 15,000 pesos to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA) and was disqualified from holding public office for a period of six years.

Duty officer

Prosecutors indicated that Orihuela was working as a duty officer for the Government House Special Unit when he carried out his criminal activity. In this regard, they specified that on Sunday, July 23, 2017, the uniformed man perpetrated the robbery on the ground floor of the public building located on Calle 3 de Febrero at 2600.

Jiménez and Hernández reported that the police officer broke the lock of an office and illegally seized a BGH e-nova model laptop and an LG Spirit model cell phone, both assets belonging to the provincial government.

On the other hand, prosecutors assured that days after stealing the devices, the policeman tried to sell them over the Internet as if they had been his. “He made a publication on the social network Facebook in which he detailed the characteristics and price of what was stolen,” prosecutors said after noting that “his name and surname appeared on the account from which he spread the message.”

Orihuela was detained within the framework of a “controlled surrender” procedure. One person simulated interest in acquiring one of the stolen items and a meeting point was arranged to complete the purchase. When the police officer went to the place to carry out the transaction, he was arrested with the stolen computer in his possession, prosecutors pointed out.

Because of these events, Jiménez and Hernández attributed Orihuela the responsibility of the crime of aggravated robbery (for being a member of the police forces); and an attempted fraud. In this regard, they added that the defense accepted the criminal classification of the crimes, the sentence imposed and the abbreviated procedure chosen for the trial.

“As the assets stolen by the convicted belong to the Executive Power of the province, the State Attorney, Rubén Luis Weder, was notified and gave his agreement with the resolution,” they concluded.

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