This is how the weather will be this week in the region

There is a string of days with good weather and a warm environment in Resistencia and its surroundings, with low cloud cover and maximum temperatures above 32 degrees, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

Thus, for this Monday morning fogs and clear skies are announced, with light winds from the east rotating to the northeast. The temperature will vary between 14 degrees of minimum and 32 of maximum.

Meanwhile, for Tuesday, a somewhat cloudy sky is expected, and mild to moderate winds from the northeast, with a thermal floor of 18 degrees and a ceiling of 34.

Likewise, for Wednesday partially cloudy skies and a rise in temperature are expected, with a minimum of 23 degrees and a maximum of 36.

The change in weather would arrive on Thursday, with instability, probable rains and storms, and a moderate decrease in thermal values.

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