This is how the medal table of the 2021 Olympic Games remained


The United States finished in the first place of the medal table of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with 39 golds and a total of 113 medals (41 silver and 33 bronze), by 38 golds and 88 medals (32-18) of its Asian rival .

The victory of the United States women’s volleyball team against Brazil broke the tie with China in the number of gold metals.

Without the impulse of some of its most emblematic figures, the North American delegation lost strength in Japan with respect to the 46 golds that it added both in Rio 2016 (121 medals in total) and in Beijing 2008 (104).

In its first Games without the legendary Michael Phelps in the last quarter century, American swimming golds fell from 16 in Rio to 11 in Tokyo while athletics dropped from 13 to 7.

China, on the other hand, rose from the 26 golds and 70 medals in total that it achieved in Rio 2016.

The host of the Games, Japan, although it could not count on the support of its fans due to the coronavirus pandemic, also achieved an important result from the 12 golds (41 medals in total) of Rio 2016 to the 27 (58) of its Games, where he took third place.

Great Britain, for its part, took fourth place in Tokyo 2020 with 22 golds, five less than in Rio, and 65 medals in total.

The Russian athletes, who competed under the name of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) for the sanction of the country for doping, finished in fifth place with 20 golds (70 in total).

The top 10 places were completed by Australia (17 golds), which in the run-up to these Games was commissioned to organize the 2032 Games in Brisbane, followed by four European countries: Holland (10), Germany (10), Italy (10). ) and France (9).

Spain remained at 17 medals but its three golds fell from Rio’s seven, dropping from 13th to 22nd place in the table.

Meanwhile Brazil broke its record by being the first Latin American country in the Olympic qualification in twelfth place. In Rio he had achieved 19 medals (7-6-6), in Tokyo they captured a record of 21 (7-6-8), such as Rebeca Andrade’s gold and silver in gymnastics or the triumph in men’s soccer.

Cuba (14th place) also obtained seven golds, the highest since the nine in Athens 2004, and a total of 15 medals.

Ecuador (37th place) had two golds in cycling and weightlifting, when in all its Olympic history it only had one, and also added one silver.

Venezuela (46th) achieved the third gold in its history and Puerto Rico (63rd) also added a gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles.

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