They robbed a school in Las Heras and the parents of the boys will make a claim

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The latest theft was reported on the morning of this Monday, when the parents took their children to the establishment. This time it happened during the night of Sunday and early morning of this Monday, when thieves They entered and broke the entire laboratory, from where they stole two toilets, taps, a stove, a fan, new clothes that had been donated, and notebooks.

Like little, They smashed doors and also stole everything that was in the Physical Education warehouse, so the boys of the morning shift and afternoon shift who attend there ran out of elements for their classes.

Last week, thieves also broke in and broke toilets, taps, the grill of the library window and stole a fan.


But in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, They smashed the alarms, entered the address from where they took computers with all the students’ information, a printer and other kitchen items such as a coffee maker, refrigerator, kettles, chairs, a table, a closet and even a water tank It was not replaced, so several bathrooms remain closed.

They detailed that the General Directorate of Schools made a survey of the damage before the winter holidays and They installed new bars at the address to provide greater security, especially during the winter break, but indicated that the lock had to be bought by the teachers.

They also brought a new water tank for the bathrooms, but they were told that to install it they had to make a fence to prevent it from being stolen again, although there was no money to do that job, so it was saved.

As a consequence of these repeated events, The parents organized and announced that on Tuesday morning, at the time of entry for the boys, they will cut the road with burning roofs to be heard by the DGE authorities to specially fix the perimeter fence through which criminals apparently enter.

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