They reveal the content of the messages that the Cordovan waitress sent to China Suárez where Vicuña’s infidelity was discovered

The China Suárez and Benjamin Vicuña, they separated after 5 years together and two children in common. Apparently the differences in coexistence led to them not being able to continue with the relationship and it was the same actor who made the news known through the networks.

After this, and between several versions that indicated the reason for the break, a version of infidelity by the actor came to light. According to this the actor would have had an affair in Córdoba with a girl from a local restaurant.

According Stephanie Berardi, cycle panelist Morning that drives Carmen Barbieri the China Suarez She found out about this because the lover contacted her via Instagram and gave precise details regarding the gallant on a physical and intimate level so there was no possibility of doubt.

The girl contacted her because she had ended up angry with him, since he had passed her her number and then blocked her. He rewarms up, gets angry, and tells this situation to La China Suarez through Instagram. He told her things that, out of respect, I cannot reproduce. “, stated the panellist.

Then he continued: “He is very seductive, she was dying for him. In the intimate moment in which they were together he tells her that he was wrong with China, this was a while ago ”. I tell this because China already knows it, it will have overcome it “, indicated when referring to the situation of infidelity.

The truth is that none of the artists referred to the subject. After the separation, Vicuña took refuge at work and shared with friends. On the other hand, La China, is doomed to remodel her house. He is with work and preparing to travel to Spain to shoot a movie.

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