They rescued a fox that had entered the courtyard of a house

Municipality personnel worked yesterday to rescue and free a fox that had entered the courtyard of a house on 200 Colón Street in Punta Alta.

As reported, it was a joint work between the baqueano of the Directorate of Traffic and Citizen Protection with the help of the Community Police.

The residents of the place notified the Police about the presence of the animal in the corridors and patios of an apartment located in Colón at 200.

Once in the place, the troops summoned Citizen Protection and the baqueano of the Municipality, who were present to be able to capture the animal and then release it in an area of ​​fields so that it could return to its natural habitat.

“We believe that the fox arrived at the patio of the house crossing Colón, coming from one of the fields of the Naval Base. Fortunately, there were no problems and we were able to rescue and release the animal in perfect condition,” explained Carlos Montero, director of Citizen Protection and Environment of the Municipality.

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