They order to reopen the case of the VIP Vaccination: they will investigate those who received the vaccines in advance

Chamber I of the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber ordered this Monday to reopen the case for the vip vaccination of doses against the coronavirus in the Ministry of Health and the Posadas Hospital after it was partially filed by federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti.

The judges made room for a complaint from the Office of the Attorney for Administrative Investigations, led by Sergio Rodríguez, since the natural prosecutor Eduardo Taiano had not appealed the decision of the judge of first instance.

The judge had considered that there were two groups among those vaccinated: priority and non-priority. The former included health personnel, but also strategic personnel, adults over 60 years of age and those under that range with some risk factor -comorbidities-. Therefore, it established that in these cases there was no crime, because it is not something that is described in the Penal Code.

The partial file of the cause had been a total of 65 out of a total of 70 vaccinated people. Among them were businessmen, journalists such as Horacio Verbitsky, relatives of officials, and officials such as the President of the Nation.

“It cannot escape the most elementary logic that the existence – indisputable – of an order of priority in vaccination, divided into groups, obeys criteria of necessity, where neither more nor less than the value of life and simultaneity are at stake. -which in some case is mentioned- can only be enabled by the availability of vaccines to satisfy the priority or in a case that strictly justifies the departure from this criterion ”, the Court maintained.

A new escrache for Ginés González García in a restaurant in Puerto Madero

When there were more vaccinations, back in late 2020 and the first months of this, the chambermaids recalled that the government prioritized vaccination for teachers, for the return to face-to-face classes that finally did not happen immediately.

“But when the resource was insufficient, no group was openly enabled. Even among the elderly. Although the limit was established in the 60s, the various age groups were also ranked. It began with those over 80 -even with health personnel pending vaccination- and from there it progressed on an affable slope that for decades was expanding its scope (over 75, then 70, later than 65 years and so on) They replied.

In harsh terms, the chambermaids question: “Why were they, and not others among the millions of citizens of the country in the same conditions, were the beneficiaries of this simultaneous vaccination? Surely we will all have in mind someone who by age or by some other condition could have been favored in that simultaneity. But none of them got the invitation. “

In addition, they questioned the judge’s argument that the act could have been an ethical issue, not a criminal one. “Although the ethical question has its share, certainly the management of scarce assets under the exclusive and exclusive management of the State was not an issue that went unnoticed”, was the response of the chambermaids.

“The alleged ethical situation, based on the analysis carried out here, does not allow ruling out that it is the product of an illicit conduct, which -on the other hand-is always unethical. Here it was a question of particular decisions, which only attended to a few situations. In this area, the mere ethical judgment is surpassed by another, typical of this criminal field, ”they added.

Ginés González García was accused when he returned to Argentina and was escorted by his private security

For the chambermaids Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens, it should be investigated “which people were vaccinated according to the standards imposed by the Vaccination Plan and who came forward for some benefit that was unique to them”, that is, those vaccinated.

“Especially when it is unknown, in addition, in what character they were vaccinated, if that quality was real or assigned for the sole purpose of circumventing the requirements of the implemented vaccination system and, in this case, if that fiction was thus declared by the beneficiary or by who had the task of loading the official data ”, they concluded.

“Only once the various facts have been fully revealed, each in its own dimension and at the same time all integrated under a common gaze, will it be in a position to be able to legally define them,” they determined in a harsh ruling.

In this way, the legal case initiated last January that has as defendants the former Minister of Health Ginés González García, and his nephew Lisandro Bonelli, a former official of said portfolio, must now be deepened.

The judge had only five cases under investigation but now she must investigate as the camera imposed on those vaccinated considered VIP, such as President Alberto Fernández, Treasury Attorney Carlos Zannini and his wife, former President Eduardo Duhalde and his wife, the deputy Eduardo Valdez, journalists like Verbitsky and businessmen. (NA)

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