They found the patient with COVID who escaped from the Convention Center

During the weekend, the case of a 26-year-old woman who had escaped from the Limache Convention Center, a place where she was isolated by a positive Covid-19 diagnosis. As of the event, the 911 Emergency System was notified, as well as the Police of the Province that intervened in their search.

Finally the woman was found yesterday and re-entered the Convention Center to continue his isolation and receive assistance for dealing with a person with addiction problems.

Referring to the case, the general coordinator of the Limache COVID-19 Recovery Center, Carmen De la Serna explained that it is a patient with “history of addiction and aggressive behavior with his family “.

The 26-year-old girl had been referred from the San Bernardo Hospital after starring in a street fight and testing positive for Covid-19. After being found, she returned to the Convention Center, where the pertinent evaluation will be made to determine if she should continue in isolation and also to advance in treatment for her addictions. “We contacted the Ragone Hospital to continue with medication for his abstinence and to give continuity to the treatment”De la Serna explained.

“We always have security personnel and patients are warned that, for social protection, there is no voluntary discharge”, Concludes the coordinator of the center that operates in Limache.

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