They extended the collection of unemployment benefit until the end of the year

The Ministry of Labor again extended, this time until December 31, the collection of unemployment benefits, within the framework of health and occupational emergencies.

This benefit consists of a bonus of between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000, intended for dependent workers who have been laid off during the pandemic. The measure was formalized through Resolution 890/2021, published this Monday in the Official Gazette.

“Extend until December 31, 2021 the expiration of unemployment benefits of Law No. 24,013 and Law No. 25,371 that occur between August 1, 2021 and November 30, 2021”, according to the official text.

Work set the maximum limit of unemployment benefit payments to be received by beneficiaries at 30 total and monthly installments. In addition, it established that the amount of the installments for the extension of unemployment benefits will be equivalent to 70% of the original benefit.

For its part, the ANSeS will carry out the computer cross-checks and other controls in its charge to determine the right to unemployment benefits that are extended by the new Resolution.

They present a project to increase the minimum salary to pay income from $ 150 to 180 thousand

This type of benefit has been extended since March last year, at the beginning of the isolation measures. The previous extension was extended until tomorrow, but the Casa Rosada decided to extend it for four more months.

Now, the Executive Power considered that “although from the opening and resumption of the development of different productive activities and services, economic activity has begun to reactivate in certain sectors, with its consequent impact on employment, they still persist in certain measure the circumstances and reasons “that motivated the successive extensions.

Consequently, he argued that “it corresponds to the present critical situation that the completion date of the successive extensions in the expiration of unemployment benefits is extended until December 31, 2021, the end date currently in force for health emergency declarations. and occupational “.

“On the other hand, given the contributory nature of unemployment benefits and in order to tend towards an ordering of the emergency measures adopted, it is pertinent to set a maximum number of unemployment benefit quotas to be received by the holders reached. for the authorized extensions “, concluded the Resolution. (NA)

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