They delayed a young man for stealing and selling a puppy in Villa Angela

After a complaint about the theft of a Greyhound puppy, in Villa Angela, the investigations began that led to the alleged perpetrator, who had a history of property crimes.

The three-month-old dog was stolen on Friday afternoon from his house, located on López y Planes street at approximately 900 in that city.

According to the complainant, a group of people entered his property and took the animal with light brown fur with white spots and accused a neighbor of being the main suspect.

As a result of several investigations and collecting data from the neighborhood, it was determined that the person named by the complainant had a history of property crimes.

The troops immediately went to the Sargento Cabral neighborhood, where they met with a woman who said she had bought the animal and then voluntarily handed it over to the Police.

According to the acting Prosecutor’s Office, the animal was recovered and returned to its owner, while the alleged perpetrator of the act was delayed.

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