They confirmed the life sentence for two defendants for a savage crime

The provincial Court of Cassation confirmed in the last hours the sentence to life imprisonment received two years ago by a couple accused of savagely murdering an 80-year-old woman in Coronel Pringles.

The magistrates rejected the proposals of the defenses and ratified the decision of the Criminal Court No. 3, which in September 2019 sentenced Andrés Pontaut and Marcela Alejandra Suárez for the crime of qualified homicide for cruelty, greed and criminis causa.

The victim of the incident was María del Carmen Pontaut, who was mobilized in a wheelchair and was found dead at home, with a stab in the heart and a cut on her neck.

The crime occurred on March 6, 2018, between 12:30 and 15:08, at the Dorrego home at 1,300, and the woman’s body was found by the defendant’s son, who is the deceased’s nephew.

Prosecutor Jorge Viego argued in the debate that the defendants acted in order to seize money and other elements, “seeking impunity for themselves, as well as with the purpose of receiving a future inheritance and finally causing suffering” to the victim.

He also indicated that they killed “Tuta” Pontaut taking advantage of his defenseless state, in the case of an elderly woman, who moved around in a wheelchair and lived alone.

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