They charged 3 detainees with more than 9 kg of drugs in a hotel

The defendants intended to market the drug to local vendors, but a wise intervention of the Local Federal Police Delegation frustrated the operation.

The three individuals, among them a woman, they were charged last Thursday for the crime of possession of narcotic drugs for marketing purposes. The accusation, requested by the attorney general Eduardo José Villalba of the Salta Fiscal Unit, was formalized by the Federal Court of Guarantees No. 2.

In the first section of the hearing, the surrogate federal judge Mariela Giménez identified the three defendants. Is about Leandro García, Franco Iván Martín and Dalila Estefanía Yurkstas, everybody from the city of Oran, in the north of the province.

Later, the tax assistant Roxana Gual, by the prosecution, presented the case, listed the evidence gathered in the proceedings and, in terms of coercion measures, requested the preventive detention of the accused.

On the fact, he maintained that all sand began on August 25 from an anonymous complaint made by telephone to the local Federal Police Delegation, which was alerted to the presence of people who planned to carry out a drug-related operation.

The same was planded in the vicinity of the Salta Cable Car, located in Parque San Martín, minutes from downtown and meters from the local bus terminal. In addition to the probable place of the operation, the complainant provided the physiognomic description of one of those involved.

Based on this information, and with the intervention of the prosecution, it is that members of that force carried out a discreet surveillance in the place, where effectively one of the accused (García) appeared on the scene, who was walking from one place to another, apparently, waiting to meet another person, circumstances in which he approached one of the policemen and questioned him if I was expecting it.



Subsequently, he did the same with other passersby until finally he approached an accomplice (Martín), who had arrived on the scene with a backpack.

Given this – the prosecutor’s assistant narrated – is that the police decided to take action and approached the two defendants, identifying themselves as personnel of the force, at which point they tried to flee, but were immediately cut down.

When reviewing the backpack, in the presence of civil witnesses, a sum of 185 thousand pesos and 489 grams of marijuana. Likewise, it was established that the accused were staying in a hotel located on Hipólito Yrigoyen avenue, a few meters from the cable car.

In view of this, the prosecution requested the burglary measures in the room they occupied the defendants, opportunity in which others were found five packs with marijuana, cutting elements and the sum of $141.800, among other elements of interest to the case.

During the diligence, it was established that there was another accomplice, Yurkstas, who sand was staying in an adjoining room. She was arrested when she tried to leave the hotel. When his room was raided, more drugs, a scale and $ 27,500 were seized.


In total, a total of 7 were kidnapped in the possession of the defendants. kilos and a half of marijuana and 1 kilo 800 grams of cocaine. “The possession of this drug in the possession of the accused had as its sole purpose the commercialization among local sellers,” said the prosecutor’s assistant, referring to the criminal classification of the case.

He described the fact as serious, since the seized drug represents an important damage to public health that the defendants intended to cause with their actions, for which, in terms of coercion measures, he requested preventive detention.

He founded the order on the risk of latent flight, since the three defendants tried to escape. He also referred to the nature of the fact, the obstruction of the investigation and the expectation that the sentence could fall on the accused, which, given the characteristics of the case, would not be conditional execution.


The defense of Yurkstas, while, solicitous that said measure be tempered by the house arrest for her client, since the same has two children under 2 and 3 years old, at the same time that they mentioned proof of roots in favor of it.

Prosecutor Villalba agreed to the request because, in these cases, the best interests of the child are imposed. Likewise, and as a preventive measure, it asked the judge to order the intervention of the Minors and Incapacitated Advisor in order to guarantee the status of the children.

About Martin and Garcia, meanwhile, maintained the preventive prison, I argue that it was accepted by the judge, who agreed with the arguments of the prosecution, both regarding the criminal imputation of the case and the proposal of coercion measures.

In view of this, declared the accusation formalized, ordered the preventive detention of Martín and García, ordered the intervention of the Minors’ Counsel regarding the situation of Yurkstas and authorized the investigation period of 45 days, as well as pending expertise on cell phones.

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