They assassinated their 3-year-old daughter: they broke her lips and fractured her ribs

More than a year after the brutal crime of Nahiara Soledad Miranda, her parents were found guilty of beating the 3-year-old girl with a whip to death at her home in a rural area near the town of Los Menucos, in Río Negro.

The 12 members of General Roca’s popular jury decided that Carlos Rubén Erbín (39) be convicted of femicide, while Valeria Miranda (21) was accused of abandonment of a person aggravated by the bond followed by death.

Both will now have to face a caesura trial in which they will announce the prison sentences: Erbín will be able to receive life and Miranda could be sentenced to between 5 and 15 years.

The brutal filicium occurred on April 7, 2020 at a ranch located in the Las Mochas area, 37 kilometers from the town of Los Menucos, where they reported the discovery of the girl’s body.

From the beginning, her mother and the girl’s stepfather assured that it was a domestic accident, but the first examinations of the body established the history of abuse and violence suffered by Soledad.

In his presentation of the trial, the chief prosecutor of General Roca Andrés Nelli detailed that the girl “had 35 injuries in the front and 11 in the back,” two of which were fatal blows to the skull, all perpetrated with a rebenque that Erbín used in the field and that they found with blood, hidden between bags, after the murder.

In addition, the victim had injuries to his head, blows to his face, broken lips, five fractured ribs and a large burn in the buttock area. He also suffered from alopecia, ear wounds and untreated bronchopneumonia.

“Soledad died abandoned in the bed of a truck, like a dog, and no one was at her side,” said the prosecutor Santiago Márquez Gauna. The cause of death was a subdural hematoma, which produced bronchopneumonia, and suffered a bronchial aspiration.

For the Prosecutor’s Office, the detachment and lack of protection on the part of the mother was also verified. Márquez Gauna indicated in her plea that the defendant “did not prevent the violence and after her death she did not seek help.” “She knew about violence, she did not seek medical attention, the girl was unable to fend for herself. The injuries were visible and many, it was something that could not be ignored,” he said.

“The physical violence against the little girl began when the man began to live with them, at least as of December, 45 days prior to death,” explained Márquez Gauna. “We know that this man is violent against women because he has a history, in addition has a conviction for attacking a person with a knife. We add the statement of a former partner of the man, among other testimonies, that strengthen this aspect, “he added.

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