They arrested a man for the homicide that occurred in Puerto Vilelas

The Prosecutor’s Office in turn identified this Friday as the alleged perpetrator a 43-year-old citizen who had participated in the case, since a dermotest test was positive.

The homicide occurred around 6 o’clock this day, when the members of the Puerto Vilelas Police Station found a 32-year-old man on the dock. He himself was without vital signs and had gunshot wounds. The deceased was identified as Ignacio Rodríguez.

The office of the public prosecutor in turn was intervened and judicial proceedings were instructed for “alleged homicide.”

Hours later, the agents managed to drive two people: a woman, the deceased’s former partner, and her current partner, a 43-year-old man.

Both were subjected to the dermotest test, a chemical test that determines the presence of powder remains from the use of firearms. It was carried out by specialized personnel from the Scientific Cabinet of the Judicial Power.

The examination of the man detected traces of gunpowder on his hands.

Faced with this situation, the citizen was notified of the arrest for the “alleged homicide” cause.

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