They arrest a young man when he discarded a tumbera weapon in the San Benito

Rio gallegos

The incident occurred this morning in the vicinity of streets 24 and 25, when the subject threw was surprised by the police when he threw the weapon in the courtyard of a house.

Police working at SAn Benito (Photo: C. Robledo).

Police working at SAn Benito (Photo: C. Robledo).

This personal morning of the Division of the Seventh Police Station of Río Gallegos was conducting preventive patrol when he observed a young man in suspicious attitude. Himself, seeing the troops threw an item in a courtyard of a house located in streets 24 and 25, and tried to run away.

Quickly the police managed to stop the subject, and then made a visual inspection in the area, being able to verify that I had discarded a tumbera style weapon.

The Criminalistics Division was present at the scene and the court on duty was intervened. Meanwhile, the young man was transfer to the police station.

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