"These days, the delta strain would already be in our midst"

Natalia Miguel
[email protected]

“By this date we expected some cases of the delta variant. Beyond the latest data that emerged at the regional level, the new strain is being reported that there is community circulation. Therefore, if we deal with the previous experience, we would have to be thinking that these days the variant would already be circulating through our environment, “said Dr. Carlos Gabbarini, municipal secretary of Health in Coronel Rosales.

The current reality in the district indicates, as he commented, that there are few infections and there is no occupation of beds with COVID patients in the “Eva Perón” and Naval Puerto Belgrano hospitals.

In this sense, he expressed that there are consultations of people with viral respiratory symptoms, which are the traditional pictures of before the pandemic, who, in any case, are subjected to swabs and the results, in their great majority, are negative for coronavirus.

“Then we would become aware of the new strain circulating when positive cases begin to increase again, at which time we will also send witness cases to specialized centers for classification as a delta variant,” added the doctor.

He specified that the pictures will be with intense colds, greater intensity in the headache, compared to the previous strain, and some feverish record.

“It is supposed to affect younger people, who have not yet accessed the vaccine. Those who received the two doses will be more resistant to the development of the picture and people who are not vaccinated or have a single dose, will have more symptoms and, surely, it will be the younger population, which is where the vaccination scheme needs to be completed ”.

In this context, the professional was consulted about what could happen with schools and openings at night.

“It is being spoken at the national and provincial level. As it happened throughout this pandemic, decisions will be made as the number of cases is known and the impact it has on various parameters, such as the occupation of beds in hospitals ”.

To this he added that “it is suspected that with this new strain, they would be pictures that would not require hospitalization because they would be cases of greater contagion between people, but less serious in terms of the need for hospitalization. Decisions will be made according to the realities of each district ”.

Therefore, he added that “today we speak in potential. There is, at the moment, no special recommendation. On the contrary, some activities are being released, but everything will be subject to the evolution of the number of cases and, fundamentally, to the occupation of beds ”.

Regarding the recommendations, he said that “in this new normal it is relevant to use a mask and try to maintain the distance between people.”


Regarding the vaccination against COVID in Rosales, he commented that a little more than 53 thousand were applied, of which almost 38 thousand are from the first dose, and about 16 thousand people already have both.

“We are getting vaccinations two or three times a week, mostly from AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, and very few from the second component of Sputnik V.”

“And what we see is an intermediate acceptance of people who have the first dose of Sputnik to be placed as the second dose, the AstraZeneca. Meanwhile, others wait for the arrival of the Russian vaccine, which will delay times if you think about having as many people as possible with the two doses ”.

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