There will be 70 fixed points where photocopies will be made with cameras throughout the city

According to the coordinator of the municipal cabinet, Rogelio Biazzi, in this new system “our eyes are on control and, above all, on respect for all of us who mobilize in the city regardless of the form we use” .

In the streets there will be more technology for the control of traffic and the fixed control points will be expanded, which will sanction more offenses.

Unlike the previous system, which had only 11 control points, this proposal includes 70 (35 for red light violation; 15 for speeding; 10 for invasion of bicycle lanes; 5 for intrusion of exclusive lanes of urban passenger transport and 5 for prohibited turns) and 4 mobile points (2 for speeding and 2 for improper parking).

The service provider company will be in charge of the processing of the infractions through electronic means and the Municipality of the verification and subsequent notification to the offenders.

The Executive will be the one who collects the fines for the infractions detected and the proceeds will be destined to the Transportation Compensation Fund and the municipal health providers.

The technology placed on the control posts will make it possible to detect red light violations, speeding, invasion of bicycle lanes, invasion of exclusive public transport lanes, prohibited turns and improper parking.

In addition, the number of traffic violations is expanded. With the new specification it extends to 27 actions to control, while with the previous system there were 6. The possibility of extending these powers was established by the Council.

The amounts of the fines will be tied to Fixed Units (each Fixed Unit is equivalent to the price of one liter of super gasoline). Meanwhile, this process is putting out to tender a service for capturing infringements by electronic means on motorized vehicles that have a patent, since it is the only mandatory identification that the unit has.

“This type of policy generates multiple benefits for traffic management, with the intention of improving road safety and coexistence in the city,” Biazzi said.

The opening of the envelopes with the economic proposals of the bidders will be done on October 18 and it is estimated that the system will be operational before the end of the year.


“We have to reduce the number of infractions”

“Road accidents are one of the main causes of death for young people and with this system we are going to deepen and intensify control tasks to reduce the amount of infractions that are committed on our streets,” stressed the coordinator of the municipal Cabinet, Rogelio Biazzi , and pointed out that “the system seeks to optimize both human and material resources. As they are electronic, they do not require traffic officers to carry out control tasks, ”he stressed. The new bidding documents will have the deadline for opening bids on October 18 and it is estimated that the entire process for the award will take until November. The international public tender is already in force and published in the Official Gazette and is for the implementation of a comprehensive system of training and image processing for the electronic detection of infractions and assistance in collection management, under an official budget of 2,624,000,000 pesos.

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