The usefulness of putting aluminum foil balls in the washing machine

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Aluminum foil is a must in most Argentine homes, but there is a way to use it during laundry that few know.

The paper has different uses.

The paper has different uses.

The aluminum foil it has infinite uses. It can be used to wrap various objects and food, such as conductive of electricity and heat, scissors sharpener, etc. But there is a use that very few know and it has to do with clothing.

Not everyone knows it, but It can be used aluminum foil during washing from the washing machine to extend the life of garments of clothes. For this, you have to do three (or more) aluminum balls and insert them into the device.

What the aluminum foil balls are going to do is absorb electrical energy that occurs when clothes are washed, making the garments that we use do not break or damage in every wash.

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