The UCR celebrates in Corrientes and Valdés already savors the re-election

In a vote and campaign days that were traversed by the aggression against Deputy Arias, from the Frente de Todos, who days ago was shot by a 22 caliber weapon and that due to the fact there are still no detainees, today Corrientes had elections and the ruling party , headed by Governor Gustavo Valdés in the Encuentro por Corrientes (ECO) force, has already declared himself the winner.

While the scrutiny is being carried out, a delegation made up, among others, by Alfredo Cornejo, Facundo Manes and Alejandra Lordén, traveled to the province to support Valdés and wait there for the results. For its part, the ruling party published on its Twitter account that they had won the elections.

Alfredo Cornejo also posted on his account. There he published a photo with Manes and Lordén, as an image of waiting for the results. “In Corrientes we await the results of the election with great enthusiasm,” the leader tweeted.

The first official results show a resounding victory, with votes in favor reaching a percentage higher than 70%, with a difference of around 50 percentage points compared to the Peronist candidate Fabián Ríos, who appears just above 20%. With these numbers, Valdés could become the most voted Corrientes governor since the democratic recovery.

As spread by the ruling party, Valdés plans to lead a press conference to share his triumph with the president of the UCR National Committee, Alfredo Cornejo; the national senator Luis Naidenoff; the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales; the Buenos Aires legislative candidate Facundo Manes; the national deputy José Cano; the former Secretary of Health and Buenos Aires candidate Rodolfo Rubinstein; and the leaders Ricardo Gil Lavedra and Ernesto Sanz

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