The surprising video that Pamela David showed for her daughter Lola’s birthday: How she grew up!

For Pamela david, as for many people, the unbeatable test of the passage of time is to recognize how children grow. This was demonstrated by the host by publishing a tender video for the 9th birthday of Lola, her daughter with her husband Daniel Vila.

Pamela He edited different video fragments in chronological order, where his daughter is seen since a baby of months, in her first years and how she is now: a girl who will soon be a pre-adolescent, who already has an Instagram account and Tik Tok.

“My love… I thank God every day that you have chosen me as your mother. You are so special, cheerful, witty, just very happy. Thank you for every day that you teach me this way of being the best that I can… your mom ”, ripped off Pame, emotional.

“I want you to be free, to decide, to laugh, to remain as authentic as you are”, ended the former host of America the epigraph of his post, which was filled with hearts and birthday greetings for the baby. Including a loving message from the former partner of David, Bruno Lábaque, his brother’s dad Felipe, of 14 years.

“Very happy birthday, beautiful Lola! Have a nice day!”wrote the former Cordoba basketball player. What Pamela, very polite, responded with words of gratitude and respective greetings.

Very happy to stay away from TV since the end of 2019 and dedicated to her personal projects, the former participant of The bar He recently commented that he does not want to know anything about doing shows again, at least the way he was doing it in Pamela in the afternoon.

“The rating is tyrant. The bizarre and yellowish is what grabs, but that is a price that I do not pay. Things are said on the air that one is not very aware of. I didn’t want to make a magazine where you talk about someone’s love life anymore. I said things that could affect someone “, he said, a few months ago, to Catalina Dlugi.

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