The surprising message from Benjamín Vicuña where he reveals details of his separation with La China Suárez

Somewhere there are those who say that Benjamin Vicuña is sad and sorry for having separated from China Suárez, in a media bomb he launched 9 days ago from his personal Instagram account. On the other hand, those of us who believe less because their errors are almost daily, confirm that the Chilean is “joda”At night in Buenos Aires with Gonzalo valenzuela looking for fun.

Whatever the hypothesis of the moment, the truth is that Benja does not stop doing his thing (this time we are not talking about his “relationship”With the Cordovan waitress, of course). The dad of Magnolia and Amancio, his two youngest children with María Eugenia Suárez, made a post that caused us to talk again on Instagram.

What was it about? Of a kind of weird middle promo for the series to be seen, Alternative Therapy, that will be seen by Star +, where he will work with China. In a post by Fernán Mirás, fellow cast member, the gallant revealed details of what was his second and scandalous separation (remember: the first was with Pampita, where these days Sabrina Garciarena gave more clues about what happened in Punta del Este with Isabel Macedo).

With the promotion poster of the series in the background (in the cast there are also Juliet Cardinali and Carla Peterson), Mirás sought to warn that in a few days the new series could be seen. But the Chilean went for more. Did you mean to be funny? Nobody knows! “The man in the photo like he knew something was wrong with his jermu”, Vicuña wrote.

Reactions to his comment were of all kinds, but some stood out “quite a bit” and we chose a Top 3: 1) “Very good, Benja. You’re a genius”. 2) “Humor saves us.” 3) “The Benja passed.” Others, on the other hand, were on the side of criticism: 1) “Nice marketing of the separation”. 2) I was convinced that it was a 100% real separation ”.

The comment that most attracted attention was that of Mirás himself, who wanted to take the attention the other way, it seems: “Jaaaaa, for me he’s mad at Cardinali. That’s it!”.

For a few days, Benjamin and China Suárez no longer live together. That happened a few hours before he released a statement via social networks: “We want the best for the family that we are and will continue to be. Today that leads us to take a new path separated as a couple, but with love and always united by our children. We appreciate the respect for this decision and giving us the time to live this process in the best way. Thanks”, said.

Eugenia took advantage of and mixed work with fun in a ranch in the province of Buenos Aires, while Benjamin stayed with the children he had with Pampita (Bautista, Beltran and Benicio) in Buenos Aires. In a couple of weeks, China plans to travel to Spain for work. And there Vicuña will follow.

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