The second case of "Delta" in Argentina: the victim was 38 years old

A 38-year-old woman, with comorbidities and without any vaccine against the coronavirus, became the second fatal victim of the Delta variant, in Argentina.

The “patient zero” of the strain died yesterday, but had previously been in contact with the woman who also died, after fighting for her life for two weeks, where she was hospitalized for bilateral pneumonia, with mechanical ventilation, at the Rawson Hospital , From Cordoba.

“There was a second hospitalized patient from the same group who had received the vaccine, who was discharged, and the third person remained on a respirator, but has just died”, confirmed the director of the Rawson Hospital, in contact with CNN Radio.

The 62-year-old “patient zero” was of Peruvian nationality and had entered Argentina on July 19, from Lima, and after performing the mandatory test at Jorge Newbery Airport, his result for coronavirus was negative. However, on July 26, when he underwent a second examination to be discharged, he obtained a positive result.

The Córdoba Ministry of Health was even able to confirm that the man did not comply with the mandatory isolation and was in contact with family and friends, where the second fatal victim was infected.

After the second positive result, the symptoms for which he was hospitalized began but died due to the consequences caused by the coronavirus.

It is estimated that, at the moment, about 50 people in Córdoba have been infected with the Delta variant as a result of the contacts produced by this “zero patient”.

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