The DINE carried out "successfully" the general drill prior to the STEP on September 12

The National Electoral Directorate (DINE), which depends on the Ministry of the Interior, reported that today “the last general electoral drill was completed successfully” prior to the STEP on September 12, in the presence of two thousand computer representatives and prosecutors from all the political forces.

The National Electoral Director, Diana Quiodo, stressed that the experience was “very positive and participatory, in line with the joint work that we have been doing for some time with all the political parties.”

“This was the third test we carried out, since we held a functional preliminary stage on August 7, where we made verifications of the operation of both the transmission and the counting system,” added the official who participated in the drill at the headquarters of the Argentine Post Office. in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas.

More than 20,000 people affected by the transmission, counting and dissemination of electoral results took part in the operation, according to a statement released by the Interior Ministry.

“During the test, the transmission and counting of 101,378 telegrams were successfully completed, which replicated both the quantity and the particularities of the categories that the lists will show in all the country’s districts during the primary elections,” the text said.

The Secretary of Political Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Patricia García Blanco, also pointed out that the drill was “very positive and special”, since it was “a new instance that included a zero transmission and vote count, which It is the product of an intense work carried out since last year with all the representatives of political forces in the country. “

And, he recalled that “since last year, together with the head of the DINE, Diana Quiodo, we got in touch with all political parties with the aim of knowing their realities and their institutional situation, and we have even worked on the enactment of the law that suspended the causes for the expiration of political parties due to the context of a pandemic, so that they could participate in the next legislative elections without any type of restrictions. “

The trial also involved NGOs and some 1,300 accredited prosecutors to access more than 1,200 offices of the Argentine Mail and voting establishments throughout the day.

According to Interior, as the test was developed, “the computer improvements introduced in the counting system were presented at the request of the representatives of the political parties that participated in the previous drill on Saturday, August 21”.

“We began this drill with the participation of both prosecutors and representatives of different forces, who were joined by representatives of non-governmental organizations specialized in electoral matters,” said García Blanco.

On the other hand, from the Interior they highlighted that “all the health protocols proposed for the celebration of the STEP” were taken into account, which implied “the distribution of elements of care for the personnel involved, in addition to supplies and preventive protocol material in each Post office affected by the task “.

“The intention of the present day was to simulate a situation as close as possible to that of a real election. We have transmitted more than 101,300 telegrams from the establishments and headquarters of the Argentine Post Office, as will happen on September 12,” said Quiodo.

And he explained that said telegrams “were entered into the counting system administered by the Indra company, to emulate the situation of the election as much as possible.”

These two stages of the simulation constitute the last step before the primary elections, and they had their first chapter on August 7, when a vote count test was held during which more than 100,000 telegrams were transmitted (a volume similar to that of the STEP), as reported from the interior portfolio.

It was also detailed that to carry out the simulation “13,663 transmission operators and 2,456 supervisors were summoned throughout the national territory, complemented by the actions of 6,400 workers of the Argentine Post Office”, in charge of technical, administrative and logistics support.

In addition, 1,170 telegram data entry clerks were added to the task of loading these dispatches into the provisional counting system. While it included the allocation of “3,826 vehicles for the transfer of kits and transmission operators to the different establishments assigned to hold the drill.”

Finally, they highlighted that another of the stages of the test “consisted of loading the data of all the telegrams in the system of provisional counting of results” for which two computer centers were set up with redundant installation in the headquarters of the Argentine Mail in Barracas and Monte Grande. (Télam)

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