The defense of Fabián Vena after the serious complaint of Inés Estévez for the relationship she has with her daughters

After Ines Estevez talk about the relationship he has with Paula morales, who is the current couple of Fabian Vena, with whom he has two daughters: Life and Heaven, On In the afternoon They analyzed this family relationship and the comments referred to in the program were not to the liking of Fabián, who made it known in a statement.

Débora D’Amato read Vena’s statement live: “Based on the things that were said in the program, I want to express my deep discomfort since all the information that they broadcast about my role as a father and our family life is absolutely false. We share with Inés, by common agreement, a regime of shared custody of our daughters and ruled by a Judge, as of our divorce. “

“In this way, it not only means that they live exactly the same amount of time with one and the other, but it also gives us the guarantee that each one of us can be attentive and directly to care, education and well-being In other words, it is totally false that ‘they only have daily and everyday life with their mother’, as they expressed it. They also have it with me, forever, and with the family that with Paula we knew how to build. “

“They are not a summer vacation as an ‘exception’, as they also suggested, but they are with us every summer in the same modality mentioned above and the same amount of time. In that case, they share with us 15 days in a row alternating every other weeks with the mother. And in our family life together, it is very important to feel that our 4 children are happy to feel like brothers enjoying everything that this bond contains. “

I have been developing my profession for 35 years and they know that it was never my style to expose my private life, and even less the private life of other people, in this case my daughters who are minors and do not have to be exposed in situations that are personal of they. Because, I regret to be forced to ask you, kindly, to collate all this data, including with the mother of my daughters, and to publicly correct the information. Thank you. Fabian Vena”.

After listening to the statement, karina Mazzocco Indian: “Publicly corrected. We are sorry if at one point we said or commented something. These things usually happen, they don’t have to happen often, but sometimes they happen. So a kiss to all the members of this situation ”.

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