The curious joke of Benjamín Vicuña, after separating from China Suárez

A week after the separation of China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña became known, the series “Alternative Therapy” began to be promoted, which has them as protagonists, along with Carla Peterson and Fernán Mirás. However, what drew attention was a comment by the actor in one of the posts, which hinted at a possible bad relationship with the mother of two of his children.

In the image of the poster, China is seen sitting on the legs of her ex-partner, also played by Vicuña, and next to her is the character of Mirás, Julieta Cardinalli and Carla Peterson.

Further down in the comments, Vicuña wrote: “The man in the photo kind of knew something was wrong with his jermu,” he said.

With a laugh his colleague added: “For me he is angry with Cardinalli. That’s it, ”Mirás wrote, distancing himself from the controversial separation of the series’ protagonists in real life.

The joke echoed among users who were divided into praise and criticism: “Humor saves us”, “What a turnip”, “What toxicity as a couple for God’s sake, on top of that you want to be funny”, were some of the messages. There were even those who suggested that their separation would be “pure marketing.”

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