Temporary WhatsApp messages can now disappear up to 90 days later

Apparently, the “mistake” made by WhatsApp At the beginning of this 2021, when it said that users who did not accept its new terms and conditions would be blocked from the app, it was more expensive than it seems; or at least that is how the company has shown it with the incessant updates and launches of new functions that, of course, are intended to retain its more than two billion users, in addition to trying to conquer those who left or those who who have never had an account on this app.

This year some tools have been released that allow users to have a cleaner and easier interactivity with the application, especially in terms of adaptability and the power that may or may not have over the same messages.

For example, there is the possibility of sending photos or videos that can only be viewed once and then removed from the chats, as well as the option to increase the speed of the audios or the new multi-device tool with which you can have up to four devices connected with the same WhatsApp account, either in the web version or in the desktop version for PC, without the need for the cell phone to be connected to the internet.

Now, one of the tools that users had criticized the most is that of temporary messages, which allows you to schedule them to disappear after seven days in any chat. This function, which was released in November 2020 in the beta version and which finally arrived on all devices in April of this year, was not exactly the most praised by WhatsApp users who demanded that it be able to have more configuration options and not just a seven-day stopwatch to erase messages.

Thinking about this, WhatsApp would be working on an update of this tool, as reported by the specialized portal WABetaInfo, with which it could now be done that messages disappear 24 hours or three months later (90 days); of course, keeping the original idea of ​​seven days.

As expected, the update has not satisfied everyone, considering that there are some who say that there are still very few options available to be able to configure this function in a personalized way. However, there are others that assure that, although they are not the number of options that were expected, they are more than one, so it can be taken as a great advance.

It should be remembered that, in the app market there are already other platforms such as Signal, which has the same message deletion function, although in this case they are much more specific: from 30 seconds to a month.

However, for the owner of WhatsApp, Facebook, what was achieved with the 24-hour and 90-day options is a great step towards customization in the future.

“Seven days strike a balance between the benefits of the ephemeral and the usefulness of being able to remember what you are talking about about how you are having a conversation,” explained a Facebook spokesperson in conversation with the specialized portal Mashable.

Finally, it should be remembered that This option, which must be configured in each of the chats in which you want to delete the messages automatically after a certain time, is not yet found on all terminals with WhatsApp. Taking into account that it is still part of the beta version of the new app update, only people who have it have access to the tool, the rest will have to wait a few more months until WhatsApp officializes an alpha version.

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