Talleres beat Estudiantes and is at the top


Talleres won against Estudiantes and shares the top of the Professional Soccer League.

Those of the Uruguayan Alexander Medina accumulate 19 units in the table, continue next to the ‘Garnet’ at the top and leave behind the ‘Pincha’ (16), who reached the date sharing the lead with the now two leaders.

Talleres thus also adds six games without defeats and will try to extend its streak on Sunday when it visits Patronato in Paraná, while Estudiantes will seek recovery on Monday against Argentinos Juniors.


Workshops, from Córdoba: Guido Herrera; Nahuel Tenaglia, Juan Cruz Komar, Rafael Pérez and Enzo Díaz; Juan Méndez, Rodrigo Villagra and Ángelo Martino; Héctor Fértoli, Carlos Auzqui and Mateo Retegui. DT: Alexander Medina.

Students from La Plata: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Agustín Rogel, Fabián Noguera and Matías Aguirregaray; Manuel Castro, Jorge Rodríguez, Fernando Zuqui and Matías Pellegrini; Francisco Apaolaza and Gustavo Del Prete. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Goal in the first half: Andújar (E), against.

Goal in the second half: 15m. Auzqui (T).

Changes in the second half: 15 m. Jaime Ayoví for Pellegrini (E); 21m. Diego Valoyes for Auzqui (T) and Michael Santos for Fértoli (T); 37m. Julián Malatini for Retegui (T) and Diego García for Martino (T); 38m. Juan Sánchez Miño for Apaolaza (E) and Franco Zapiola for Castro (E).

Admonished: Komar, Díaz, Méndez and Martino (T). Pellegrini, Zuqui, Apaolaza and Godoy (E).

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

Stadium: Mario Alberto Kempes (Córdoba).

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