Southern League: Liniers, Olimpo, Pacífico de Cabildo and Sansinena won

With five matches, the sixth date of the superior tournaments of the Southern League began.

For the Official Tournament, Olimpo won the classic against Villa Miter and caught up with the leader Huracán who will play tomorrow.

The aurinegro won 1-0 at El Fortín, with a goal from Santiago Palacios in the 54th minute.

In addition, Liniers returned to the triumph by beating Federal Shot, by 2 to 1, in Doctor Alejandro Pérez.

Tomás Onorio scored a penalty for the Albinegro (at 21 minutes) and Mariano Mc Coubrey (87m.). Martín Di Santoro had temporarily tied for the Aurivioleta (26m.).

In the “Chivo” Axel Lischeske saw the red one, at 63 minutes, and during the visit Iván Fontán was expelled, at 92.

For the Promotional Tournament, meanwhile, Sansinena fell to the Commercial leader in Ingeniero White after the date was fully disputed.

The “Tripero” won 2-1, with goals from Emiliano Jofré (at 26 minutes) and Gerónimo Fernández (85m.). Gustavo Derrac (93m.) Was discounted for the local.

On the other hand, Pacífico could not take advantage of the fall of the leader to be a leader since he drew 1 to 1 against Libertad, in Adolfo Pirola.

Ezequiel Nanco opened the scoring for the green (at 5m.) And Leonardo Verdino equalized (35m.) For Villa Rosas.

Finally, Pacífico de Cabildo got its first victory by beating San Francisco at home.

The “Tifón” won 2-1 with goals from Nahuel Muñoz (39m.) And Emanuel Vógel (92m.). Emanuel Dambolena had tied for “Santo”, at 26 minutes.

Free had The Harmony.

Follow tomorrow

With two games, the sixth date of the Official Tournament will close tomorrow, from 15:00.

The highlight of Sunday will be in Punta Alta, when Rosario and Sporting animate a new edition of the city’s classic.

The party will be led by Fernando Márquez, who will turn 100 refereeing in the Southern League.

In addition, in La Loma, Bella Vista will receive Huracán with arbitration from Juan Vega.


-Official Tournament

1st) Hurricane and Olympus, 12 points.
3rd) Liniers, 9.
4th) Rosario, 7.
5th) Sporting and Villa Miter, 6.
7º) Bella Vista, 5.
8º) Federal Shot, 3.

-Promotional Tournament

1st) Commercial, 10 points.
2nd) Pacific, 9.
3 °) Harmony, 8.
4th) Freedom, 7.
5 °) San Francisco and Sansinena, 6.
7th) Pacific, 4.

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