Shuffleboard and bowling had their awards party

The Cruz del Sur Recreational Center held its tribute party to the champions, and outstanding players, in the Tejo and Bowling disciplines, which took place during the first half of this year.

The first official yew tournament held by an association was individual. The privileged positions went to Daniel Avondet, from the Liniers club; Alejandro Viti (Centro Recreativo Cruz del Sur) and Mingo Almaza (Villa Miter).

The second official contest was for couples, under the name of Apertura, and consecrated the pair Jorge Fernández-Víctor Dominella, from Bahiense del Norte, with Mingo Almaza-Nelson Arias (Villa Miter) coming in second.

The third tournament, under the name of Individual Aperture, went to Gustavo Galleani (CRCdS), with Daniel Avondet (Liniers) coming second.

Also in this discipline the following prizes were awarded:

-Sports revelation: Franco Nicolau.

-Honor to merit woman: Marcela Villar.

-Honor of merit and best partner: Daniel Carmody.

-Sports chivalry: Gustavo Noe.

-Honor of merit, career as a leader: Ricardo Peralta.

Precisely, Carmody (hearing impaired) was one of the most applauded players at the party and one of the most beloved people in the shuffleboard scene.

As for Bowling, the Official tournament, called “Friendship”, was held by Marcelo Almeida (Villa Miter), being runner-up Ricardo Peralta (Liga Bahiense).

The ceremony continued with the Couples tournament (Apertura) with the Roberto Palotti-Gustavo Galleani (CRCdS) binomial being champion, with Nestor Caruz-Mariana Parda (Dublin) finishing second.

To end the party, which featured musical entertainment, raffles were held among the contestants and some of the winners were Oscar “Chavo” Civerchia and Edgardo “Pekinés” Mondino, in addition to the always present, and great collaborator, Jorge Zinni.

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