Shooting and death in Patagones: "He was not a criminal, I don’t know what went through his head"

Cintia Stacco, the wife of the motorist who died yesterday after a spectacular police chase from Carmen de Patagones to Pradere, fired her husband through the networks and assured that “he was not a criminal” and that he does not understand “what went through his head” .

“He is my proud husband, I say … He got up at 6:30 a.m. every day to go to work. He took my son to school, he took me to work, he waited for me with food and he never let us lack anything. , I lived the happiest two and a half years of my life with him … I finally had the family I dreamed of … “, Stacco published today, referring to 29-year-old Leandro Ezequiel Zapata.

“I WAS NOT ANY OFFENDER, I was a husband and the best future dad. I don’t understand, I don’t know what went through his head, I just know that he always wanted to take care of us. I LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE,” he added.

The couple was expecting a daughter by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the serious incident continues by prosecutor Jorge Viego.

It was learned that the preventive seizure of the regulatory weapons, with their respective chargers, was ordered to 12 policemen who took part in the operation.

Companion released?

And although at the moment there is no official information, it was unofficially learned that Zapata’s passenger in the Volkswagen Voyage, whom they identified as Federico Crespo (27), was released last night on Viego’s orders.

It is assumed that the young man, who received one or two gunshot wounds in the buttock area, did not shoot in the middle of the escape, because otherwise he would have to be deprived of liberty.

In any event, it is believed that he accompanied the driver to the place of the original event, around 3 o’clock yesterday, when the attempted murder of Franco Jesús Aguilante López (21) took place, due to an alleged settling of accounts, in Descalzi 517 .

And also that he accompanied the entire escape to Zapata from Patagones and the more than 150 kilometers of route traveled, until the car collided at full speed with two patrollers, on the border with Villarino’s party and, in the middle of a shootout, the fatal outcome occurred, with the death of the driver being shot.

The police officers who were present assured that, cornered, Zapata took his own life, although that situation will be duly confirmed with the expertise that the Federal Police will carry out.

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