Series creator Yakuza is leaving SEGA to work at Chinese company NetEase

Inside information suggests he will have his own team and create new games

The creator and responsible for success gives Yakuza franchise, Toshihiro Nagoshi, seems to be ending negotiations with the Chinese NetEase e leave Sega after 32 years in the Japanese company. According to the Bloomberg, he must tbe your own team and create new games.

According to sources on the site, Nagoshi still has issues to finish on Sega to then join the Chinese company. Chinese rival giants NetEase and Tencent, have been fighting to see who gets the most talent from Japan’s game industry to be part of their teams.

Toshihiro Nagoshi worked in the Sega AM2 division, Founded by Yu Suzuki, creator of the Shenmue series. While the two franchises have nothing to do with each other, it’s notable that Yakuza is a spiritual successor to Shenmue and carries a lot of its elements, and Nagoshi’s passage through AM2 and Yakuza’s creation are no mere coincidences.

The franchise debuted in 2005 as Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan (also the name of the studio) and arrived in 2006 here in the West under the name Yakuza. Since then, there have been several main titles telling the story of Kazuma Kiryu, going through his private dramas and his struggles, against and for, within the Yakuza.

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There are eight main games, with Yakuza Like a Dragon being the last title released. The first two titles, which came out for PlayStation 2, gained remakes called Yakuza Kiwami (1 and 2) and made it to the past generation of consoles and PC.

Also, the franchise has some spin offs and the most recent is Judgment, which takes place in the same universe, but instead of being in the shoes of a Yakuza, you take on the role of a private detective. The title will gain a sequel, Lost Judgment, on September 24th.

According to the Kotaku, Toshihiro Nagoshi made a bigoted comment directed at Puyo Puyo players last year, which earned him the loss of his directorship at Sega. Still, the departure of the creator of Yakuza leaves the franchise’s future uncertain, even if it’s a Sega IP. We have many examples in this industry that show that the creator’s exit doesn’t end well.


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Via: Kotaku, Gamerant

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