Sergio Lagos had a relaxed reunion with Carlalí at 18 years of Protagonists of Fame

Sergio Lagos and Carlalí Villalba had a special reunion at 18 years of Protagonists of fame, a space that became a phenomenon.

Let us remember that in that reality show, Lagos acted as a conductor while Villalba became the first eliminated.

The meeting took place on the set of the program Here We Are All after the farewell they made to Ángeles Araya, who will soon take over the program that will replace the Welcome.

Although the reunion was not seen on the screen, it was shown through an Instagram Live made by the networks of the television station.

Channel 13 | Instagram
Channel 13 | Instagram

The communicator will be in charge of conducting the social aid space with Angelica Castro. Villalba, for his part, is part of the production team.

“Nice to see you”, The animator pointed out in a friendly tone to his now colleague, where they also gave each other a fraternal hug. Later they were talking for several seconds.

Channel 13 | Instagram
Channel 13 | Instagram

Let’s remember that five months ago Carlalí reappeared on the screen, debuting as a notera in Luksic’s signal.

On that occasion, he went to the Arturo Merino Benítez airport to talk with the people who were stranded there, waiting to find hotels for temporary residence.

It should be noted that Carlalí became a kind of ‘pop icon’ being the first eliminated from a national television reality show. The participant, who was 20 years old at the time, managed to spend only a week in the closure of Channel 13.

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