Salteño savagely beat his 6-year-old son and was arrested

The intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office began with the complaints filed by a professional from the San Lorenzo Health Center and the victim’s mother.

The professional of the Health Center Nº24 San Lorenzo, said that she learned through another member of the team that a woman attended with two children -one 6 years old and another, who would be two years younger-; and that the boy and his mother reported that the father hit him with a shoe and caused injuries in the mouth area. At that time, they gave intervention to two other professionals, who also examined the minor. In front of the health professionals, the mother said that it was not the first time that it happened, since she also “hits the child under 2 years old” when she soils the diapers.

The following day, the Health Center summoned both parents to offer family therapy, but when they missed the appointment, the complainant and another professional went to the home, where the accused told them that the minor “is restless and fell into the deep end. “. In addition, in an intimidating tone he told the women “do whatever you want” and withdrew.

For her part, the child’s mother denounced that she learned from her 9-year-old daughter that the man with whom she has been in a relationship for 8 years and with three children in common, beat the child -with learning problems-, under circumstances in which he did his homework and said he was “tired of writing.” Nor did she assist her son when he was bleeding.

The medical certificate confirmed that the minor presented ecchymosis on the upper inner lip; recent injuries caused by striking or being struck with or against a blunt, hard and / or forceful element

In her complaint, the child’s mother also stated that she suffered violence from the man and that earlier this year, he held her by the neck. The Office of the Prosecutor established the facts as materialized in a context of gender violence and the affectation of elementary rights of the mother of the minor.

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