Saldungaray celebrated a new year of life

The town of Saldungaray today celebrated the 121st anniversary of the founding of the town, with a ceremony held in Plaza Independencia.

With the organization of the Celebrations Commission, in the first place the protocol act was developed, which had the word of the mayor of Tornquist, Sergio Bordoni, who congratulated the entire community for a new birthday of the population, and summoned those present to continue working for the growth of the town.

For his part, the communal delegate, Gerardo Rohlmann, highlighted and thanked the work of the municipal staff, in addition to the role played by intermediate institutions in the development of the town.

During the act the verses of the Hymn to Saldungaray were sung, which was performed by the Los Fortineros choir, along with a musical interpretation by the local singer Maira Esquivel. A wreath was also placed on the central mast and medical personnel were honored for their work during the pandemic.

Then, on Avenida Pavón, the artistic shows were held, with the presentation of folk clubs and musicians from the district.

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