Rural exhibitions are back, only with animals and many restrictions

Last year they were mostly suspended. In 2021, the rural exhibitions in the area will take place, but with many limitations, and hoping that the recent appearance of the delta variant of coronavirus does not end up causing an unexpected cataract of suspensions for issues directly related to health and protocols.

At the moment, in almost all cases, they will be limited exclusively to the livestock part: swearing by great bovine and ovine champions, and subsequent auctions, with the presence of exhibitors, cabañeros, buyers, relatives and the press. Nobody else. In some town in the area they are thinking of adding a walk of artisans and even public, but there is still nothing determined. In this matter they will also carve very strongly the issues related to the capacity and the own restrictions established by the State; Last year, many municipalities ended up giving up the intentions of the rural ones to carry out the sample.

Beyond Palermo being postponed again until 2022, the traditional exhibition circuit in the region would run smoothly. In order, Coronel Dorrego, Viedma-Patagones, Saavedra, Coronel Pringles, Villa Bordeu (Bahía Blanca) and Coronel Suárez will arrive, all of them limited to the exhibition and auction of animals, without commercial or industrial samples or, it is understood, public on site. To this will also be added the Internet transmission of some of these events, which already took place during the past year, and with good repercussions.

In order, Coronel Dorrego, Viedma-Patagones, Saavedra, Coronel Pringles, Villa Bordeu and Coronel Suárez will arrive.

For this reason, and for the second consecutive year, the traditional multitudinous meeting between the countryside and the city will have to wait another 12 months to be held again. This is also a hard blow both for rural entities and for the institutions that normally participate in these exhibitions, facilitating certain services, such as food courts, which will not again have the extra income they obtain at these events.

From the rural entities, the expectations are high, and the cabins are expected to respond in this regard. Player sales in the last year -except for Bahía Blanca- were limited to private auctions, either in person or via streaming. It is understood that it is necessary to have a public stage, to show what is being produced, especially after two years without the window that Palermo stands for.

In Coronel Dorrego, for example, there will be the presence of several multi-award-winning establishments in recent years, both locally and nationally, which will arrive with high-quality animals to win the main award in the small payment. The category A for pedigree Angus that the sample has had for a couple of years ends up being, in that sense, a plus to be presented.

The appointment in this city will be on Friday and Saturday of next week, with 110 bulls, 60 heifers, 27 rams and 10 ewes in the corrals. The 56th edition of the Dorregan show will have 3 as the day of the jury and 4 as the day on which the auctions will take place.

“This time there will be no stands or commercial part,” he recognized “La Nueva.” the president of the Rural Society, Simonetta Poggio-. We have high expectations, especially since we are holding the show again after such a long time ”.

The exhibition will be the one that opens the annual circuit in our area and, as such, will be the one that marks the thermometer of what will happen in the others, especially in terms of the values ​​that will be handled with the animals.

A few days later, between September 6 and 10, it will be the turn of the 25th Livestock Exhibition of the Viedma-Patagones Region and the eighth National Patagonian Angus, which this time will take place in Carmen de Patagones. The particularity that this edition will have is that until a few days ago its suspension was analyzed, due to the drought that hit the fields of this region.

According to what was reported by the owner of the rural maragata, Hipólito Carmody, producers who want to enter the property must register in advance, although a channel will also be enabled on the YouTube platform to compare the animals on display and participate in the auctions.

In Patagones, the entry of the reproducers will be between Monday 6 and Tuesday 7, while on Wednesday the swearing will take place, and on Friday 10 will be the sales.

A week later, it will be the turn of the Saavedrense sample: it will be between September 17 and 18, only with the entry of buyers.

Starting the next day, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 will take place the 75th Livestock Exhibition, organized by the Rural Society of Coronel Pringles, also with the format of not having -as in other opportunities- with a commercial part or shows.

The first day will be allocated to the election of the great champions and the remainder, for sales.

“The sample will be face-to-face, but the protocols will have to be respected, with social distancing and the use of a chinstrap. Unfortunately, there will be no shows or stands ”, acknowledged the head of the organizing entity, Manuel Domínguez.

For its part, the Villa Bordeu National Livestock Show, which last year was held under strict protocols, will be held again at the end of the month.

It will be the 137th edition of the exhibition, and it will run between Monday, October 27 and Sunday, October 1, again without the public and with restricted access to cabañeros and buyers.

The organization indicated that the entry of the animals will be between that Monday and Wednesday. The bovine classification swear will take place on the 29th from 9 a.m., while the next day it will be the sheep’s turn, from 2 p.m., on the center court.

The auction will take place on Friday, starting at 9, in the entity’s sales ring.

In Coronel Suárez, the appointment will be between October 7 and 9 and, although everything is already defined for the livestock sample, there are still expectations regarding the entry of the public and the incorporation of the commercial and industrial part.

“We will need authorization, but we can adapt some sectors to the open air,” said the manager of the Rural Society, Roberto Olmedo.

For the Palermo sample, we will have to wait another year

After several rescheduling and cancellations, the 134th edition of the Palermo International Livestock, Agriculture and Industry Exhibition, historically organized by the Argentine Rural Society, will finally take place between July 20 and 31 next year.

Postponement was informed from the organizing committee, which assured that the decision is due to “the persistence of the health situation, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on the measures implemented by government authorities.”

Measure it was decided “after an exhaustive analysis of the health context”, which “would affect the normal functioning of the exhibition in its original format and prevent it from developing with all the splendor that the industry, exhibitors and visitors deserve”.

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