Relatives of detainees in the social outbreak described the updated figures from the Prosecutor’s Office and Gendarmerie as “counterproductive”

A new figure emerged regarding the people who are detained for crimes that occurred during the social outbreak, this after the crossing of data between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Gendarmerie, that decreased from 806 to 53 people deprived of liberty for crimes committed between October 2019 and March 2020.

The spokesperson for the relatives of the so-called “prisoners of the revolt”, Jaime Fuentes, while appreciating the creation of this report, described the figure as counterproductive, because, as he maintained, it seeks to minimize those who could be benefited with the general pardon project.

“I believe that what the Prosecutor’s Office is doing, to reduce the number of beneficiaries of the bill is clearly counterproductiveBased on what we are showing, that a person with total house arrest also has his life interrupted and sees it cut short in order to develop as a person, ”he said.

“Secondly, We also find positive that they are making progress in a cadastre, especially considering that they had said they did not have the capacity to do so ”, added Fuentes.

These figures are given within the framework of the processing of said project for the so-called “prisoners of the revolt”, an initiative that is waiting to be reviewed by the Senate chamber.

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