Profiling and graveling of the Tres Bocas toll road coastal road progresses

The Municipality of Puerto Vilelas, through the Ministry of Public Works and Services, began the tasks of profiling and graveling the coastal road of the Paraje de las Tres Bocas.

In this sense, the Secretary of Government Guillermo Soria toured the area and talked with the neighbors, “since this is a work of great importance not only for those who live there, but also for the people who visit us, because it provides better access and passability towards our coasts ”.

In addition, the municipal government secretary explained about “we will advance with these operations and then we will continue with the replacement of public lighting luminaires and in the next few days we will begin the construction of toilets at the campsite located in that area of ​​the coast” .

“We appreciate the collaboration and support of the neighbors throughout the day; we work to provide a better quality of life to our community ”, concluded Guillermo Soria.

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