Press comments: “Money and storms win the farce of Spa”

RChaos at the Belgian Grand Prix: the audience in Spa-Francorchamps had to wait more than three hours for the race to start. In the end, Max Verstappen decided for himself. The international press writes:

Great Britain

Daily Mail: “Max Verstappen won a farce of a Belgian Grand Prix – a procession behind a safety car for TWO laps. The crowd on the rainy circuit at Spa-Francorchamps waited three and a half hours for the results, while the highest paid drivers in the world sat in their garages and waited for better weather. “

The Guardian: “The Belgian Grand Prix will be recorded as a race and the honors for it have been properly awarded, but there was little dignity in how Formula 1 went on a wet afternoon at Spa-Francorchamps.”


Gazzetta dello Sport: “The Farce of Spa: This is how you end up humiliating Formula 1. You could decide not to drive because of the extreme conditions; it would have been the more logical decision to protect the pilots. “

The Republic: “The imaginary Grand Prix – the last farce of Formula 1 – is not driven in Spa, but points are awarded.”

Corriere della Sera: “The farce of the Ghost Grand Prix – in Spa money and the storm win.”


The Team: “With card games for some, a nap for the others, and a small meal for Yuki Tsunoda, everyone killed time as best they could while it was raining outside. Ultimately, Michael Masi announced a restart for 6:17 p.m. But it was a waste of time. “


The world: “That was a pathetic pantomime. One of the greatest shame in the history of this sport. You can’t present the result of a race that didn’t even take place. It is an insult to the history of Formula 1, an insult to competition and sport in general. “

Mark: “That was the peasant fishing race. The Belgian GP showed what Formula 1 is all about. For some it is sensible, others see it as a fraud. Because this sport still lives today from the mysticism that was created by men who risked their lives for the sport without complaint and often gave it too. “

AS: “Formula 1 is shipwrecked in Spa. Nobody questions that driver safety is a top priority. Due to the poor visibility, there was also little room for maneuver. The “Express” result leaves a bad taste. A very bad one. “

Sports world: “Verstappen won the“ non-race ”at Spa. It was a pantomime that could easily have been avoided by canceling the race or postponing it to Monday. “


Kronen Zeitung: “Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won a curious Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday and bagged half world championship points for it! The race, which actually wasn’t one, will still cause some discussions. After a start delay of more than three hours due to persistent heavy rain, only two laps behind the safety car were reeled off on the evening before dark to bring a result into the classification. “


View: “Time goes by. The rain continues to pound on the asphalt. The Belgian GP has long since become a scandal. Those in charge are trying to get a race start behind the safety car. It’s all about the TV millions. “

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