Palit Unveils GeForce RTX 30 Chameleon Series with Color Changing Design

The video card shown is painted with metallic paint that reacts to varying light.

Hardware parts gained a visual appeal very strong in recent years. Since RAM memory sticks, CPU coolers and their fans, motherboards and even power supplies. A video card it was the piece that had the most changed design and it’s the item that has the most variety of models. The new proposed by Palit is to bring video cards that camouflage themselves like chameleons.

The series of video cards GeForce RTX 30 GamingPro Chameleon of Palit has a metallic paint that changes color depending on the viewing angle and ambient lighting conditions. The video below shows a little bit of what this means. Of course it’s not how a chameleon actually camouflages itself, but it’s not something you see around very often.

The video card in question is a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti from the GamingPro line. The design is nothing new, as it is the same as found in this series, so only the special paintwork makes it different from other graphics cards. In the publication, Palit asks for people’s opinions, which leads us to believe that at the moment it must be a test.

Since the intention of this model is to “play” with camouflage and the color change depends on the variation in lighting near the plate, the LEDs inside the case should make a nice combination and make the metallic paint stand out that, we can speculate, should considerably increase the price of this RTX 3070 Ti.

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Palit itself has other very peculiar models, such as the video cards that are part of the family GameRock. The front of the aluminum housing of these plates is covered by acrylic equipped with ARGB LEDs. The models in this series are for those who really like lots of lights on their PC.

The truth is that video cards are currently very well made both in terms of visuals and in terms of construction and use of the components as a whole, given the obvious technological evolution. Two decades ago, video cards used plastic housing with stickers illustrating dragons, robots and women. Many models had PCBs colored like green, blue or red, heatsinks that only covered the GPU and memories with 90mm fans (or even smaller).


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Via: WCCFtech

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