Newell’s puts prestige to make the leap against Atlético Tucumán

Gamboa is faced with the need for touch-ups. It has the advantage that will have Pablo Pérez again, after an annoyance that left him out of the game against Defense and Justice. The experienced midfielder is essential to regulate the team’s times, a role that no one else fulfills. With his return, he will return to the Jerónimo Cacciabue bank.

Scocco will also enter the headlines, although in his case he went to the bank before Defense and Justice, entering in the second half, by decision of the coach. The goal was not to physically demand him to preserve him from injury. Today he will be included from the start in place of Pablo Sabbag, who missed two goals at Florencio Varela.

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Situations wasted by Sabbag they expose the difference in hierarchy. Scocco does. That quality is a value in itself, which can give Newell’s growth. As Pablo Pérez can do with his touches of distinction. By conditions, it is indisputable that there are none to match them. Today they are key players, decisive, although later the physical wear and tear of a match takes away their strength and the incidence of each one in the game is gradually diluted.

If Gamboa values ​​possession, with Pablo Pérez he is close to having safe distribution. If the manager understands that the control of the ball has to redound to a maximum benefit, with Scocco the chance increases that the ball ends in a goal. Nothing is guaranteed. It will depend on whether they are capable of displaying everything they know. And that the team as a whole works, with and without the ball. The latter is the great deficit, partly due to the lack of containment in the middle. That is why it is valued so much that Julián Fernández returns, today on the bench, after the tear in his debut.

Newell’s, which would also have the variant of Juan Garro by Justo Giani, will find a rival to walk irregularly in the tournament. From the hand of De Felippe he tries to be intense and with direct attacks. It comes out from time to time. And it has emergencies, but the older ones today run on the side of leprosy.


The return of Panchito González

The presence of Francisco González among the concentrates is one of the pleasant novelties of Newell’s. The left winger, who played the last four games in the reserve, is back in the first after a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in December 2020.

Apart from the headlines and Panchito González, the rest of the 11 concentrates are: Williams Barlasina, José María Canale, Nicolás Capasso, Mariano Bíttolo, Patricio Acevedo, Fernando Belluschi, Juan Sforza, Julián Fernández, Justo Giani, Pablo Sabbag and Guillermo Balzi. Goalkeeper Ramiro Macagno is still not called up and will not save in reserve either.

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