Murder in the Zampa neighborhood: a 30-year-old man lost his life in a fight

This Sunday around 8 o’clock, Mario Daniel Gómez, 30, was murdered on 2700 Urquiza Avenue, in the Zampa neighborhood, for which a 34-year-old man was immediately arrested, accused of being the perpetrator of the crime.

Uniformed men from the Fifth Police Station went to the place, where they conducted several interviews with witnesses to the event, who pointed out the same alleged murderer, who had had a fight minutes before with Gómez.

An ambulance also arrived at the scene and a nurse confirmed the death of the man, caused by a gunshot wound that wounded him under the left armpit. In addition, another cut wound to the arm was found on the body.

After the murder, the 34-year-old defendant was transferred to the police unit, where he was notified of “Supposed Homicide”, while investigative tasks continue to find the weapon that was used to murder Gómez.

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