Modders from The Witcher 3 are hired to work on Cyberpunk 2077

Developers of WolvenKit and Redscript Mods will officially support mods and handle bugs

A CD Projekt Red has hired WlvenKit mod developers, de The Witcher 3, e Redscript, by Cyberpunk 2077, for officially work at the company, not only dealing with the bugs and various problems that the game has faced since its troubled release, but mainly support tools aimed precisely at the modder community.

The developer’s initiative is deliver a set of tools accessible enough to popularize creating more community modifications for Cyberpunk 2077. A community widely engaged in expand the title experience beyond the initial project, enables a much longer longevity, a example games with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim which was released in 2011 and has just received another version, now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Games like X-COM and its sequel, have Long War mods that completely rebalance classes, enemies, challenges, missions and even micromanagement functions, and with that can extend the base campaign time from approximately 40 hours to more than 200 hours depending on how dedicated the player is to the details.

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Credits: Nexus Mods

Regardless of official support for modifications, games released for PC always get lots of improvements or just cosmetic changes as soon as they are released, but modify your favorite game by putting your own ideas into it and sharing it with a whole community. is much easier with this support and efficient tools.

Credits: Nexus Mods

It is precisely targeting this type of community interaction with Cyberpunk 2077 that CD Projekt Red hired the developers of the Wolvenkit and Redscript tools. With official support, and more than that, with the necessary investment, the mod creation kits have the potential to be more affordable and it also allows for internal curation, in addition to the curatorship of the community itself.

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The modder community is essential to the survival of many games for reasons that go far beyond playing Sekiro with Genshin Impact models and a good creation tool and official support mainly improve the average player’s life.

Not everyone is interested in investing time modifying game assets, but it is certain that practically every community would like to enjoy the best possible experience within that universe, whether it’s making the most of its top-of-the-line setup, or managing to run the game on more modest PCs without looking like a 1997 game.


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