Minister Frederic speaking about the murder of a pensioner at the hands of a 19-year-old criminal: “Switzerland is calmer, but more boring”

The Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, got into a controversy on her own when comparing the insecurity of the Buenos Aires suburbs with Switzerland and she was criticized for sheer folly.

Frederic made the statements on radio Miter, when he referred to the fact of insecurity in Ituzaingó in which a 19-year-old thief of Chilean nationality and a 69-year-old retiree had died and said that it was “horrible” and that “nobody wants that to happen. “.

In this regard, he assured that “the question of foreignness (sic) is not decisive, Argentines are the majority of those who commit crimes.”

“You never fully understand what obstacles the Justice has to impose a sanction,” he shot at the Judiciary.

The phrase of the controversy was launched by the minister when they asked her if she had to emigrate from the country to stop feeling fear or suffering acts of insecurity, according to Clarín.

“Switzerland is calmer, but more boring,” he answered about it.

What seemed to be the pretense of humor was immediately read as a folly of the person in charge of the area that accumulates the strongest claims of society: insecurity has been worrying for years.

“We must try to make this country the best possible. I still live in Temperley, I have custody, but I do know about fear. I did not have a car because it was a risk factor,” he explained.

Regarding that the murdered criminal had left prison days before, he assured that in the prisons “there are many poor young people detained.” “The prison system is saturated, there are detainees in the police stations, that is why many times the Justice makes these decisions,” he explained.

Criticism course for Frederic

One of the first to shoot at the national official was Florencio Randazzo, a candidate for national deputy for the Province for Vamos con vos.

“Does it seem funny to you that someone who goes out to work waits for the bus with fear of being mugged? Or that the car has to be driven around for fear of an entrance?” Randazzo started in a tweet.

And he ended harshly: “Because this is the reality of those of us who live in the suburbs. If you live in a thermos, at least be silent.”

“We are governed by a political caste that laughs in our faces. That has no idea of ​​the level of insecurity that exists in many localities, in which our Forces leave their lives. As Sabrina Frederic stated without blushing: ‘Switzerland is calmer, but more boring ‘”, shot Patricia Bullrich also on Twitter.

Another who raised his voice on social networks was also a candidate for Capital, Ricardo López Murphy.

“Does the minister find it funny that so many Argentine families suffer from insecurity? That they live in fear that they will enter their houses or shops? That citizens are locked up and criminals free is not fun, Frederic,” he complained. to take us for idiots, “he said.

Alejandro Finocchiaro, former Minister of Education and candidate for councilor of Juntos por el Cambio, also replied: “Minister @SabinaFrederic, whenever you want, we organize a meeting between you and residents of La Matanza so you ask them what they would choose, if living bored like in Switzerland or in constant alert because they rob them, they kill them and nobody protects them, “he tweeted with abundant sarcasm.

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