Matuê shows again the desire to record music with Anitta

It seems that sooner or later this will actually happen.

the rapper Matuê, one of the references of the current scene of the Brazilian trap, returned with everything to the top of the charts after the release of the song “QUER VOAR”. The long-awaited song hit the streets after the “Quer Voar Experience” where the artist made a short film and sang some songs from his discography in an audiovisual experience for fans on YouTube. After releasing the songs, the artist made a live where he answered the question of several fans, one of them is if he collaborates with the singer Anitta. Now, the artist returns to talk about the subject again.

The 30PRAUM rapper once again commented on a possible partnership with the singer Anitta. After doing a live with many fans questioning if this will really happen, the rapper created an expectation in the fans, saying that it will really happen. “It depends more on her than on me, and also a little bit on my creativity” says the artist.

Most fans of both fan bases really want this to happen, especially since Anitta has been collaborating with Hip Hop artists. Last year the singer joined with Dfideliz and BIN on the track “Tá com o Papato” and received a lot of praise. Recently the Brazilian singer also released the remix of “Girl From Rio” with the American rapper DaBaby, but unfortunately the remix was overshadowed, because weeks after the release the rapper made homophobic comments at a show and had his songs removed from the radio as a form of protest.

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