A pedestrian was run over on Monday night on the road between Los Angeles and Cerro Colorado, in the Bío Bío region.

It was at approximately kilometer 16 that the ill-fated man crossed the road, being run over by a car whose driver was carrying out an overtaking maneuver.

Due to the serious injuries suffered, he lost his life in the place, according to what was indicated to La Radio by the police officer of the prefecture of Carabineros Bío Bío number 20, captain Paul Uribe.

“… Surprisingly, a person crosses in an unauthorized passage, being run over and dying on the spot”, he recounted.

By order of the prosecutor on duty, Carabineros from the Bío Bío Traffic Accident Investigation Section (SIAT) traveled to the scene to investigate the causes of this fatal outrage, while the lifeless body of the victim was taken to the Legal Medical Service.