Long queues to get an appointment: “We hope to improve this soon”

Early in the morning, there were not a few complaints that reached the answering machines of THE COMPASS 24, realizing the long queues that could be seen in the vicinity of the Municipal Hospital.

In this regard, by shifts, the station’s mobile spoke with Dr. Graciela González Prieto, who reported that “we have experienced this every beginning or end of the month for several years, which occurs when shifts open.”

“People come from very early hours, so we are trying to avoid this so that people are better served. Even now we are giving shifts for different specialties, and they have not finished, “said the professional.

And he spoke of the causes. “This hidden demand that existed in these months, because obviously due to the pandemic we had to attend to certain pathologies that could not be neglected, but others had to be reprogrammed. That forced us to apply a reengineering ”.

“And what we did is that all the people who came today leave with a shift. And those that don’t, they will be calling to let them know when they have it. What we don’t want is for people to make these endless queues, we hope over the months to be able to re-accustom people so that they don’t come so early, ”said González Prieto.

And, regarding tomorrow and the day after, he said that “we are going to try to handle ourselves in the same way, we know that people will come the same for many situations, and for many it is a preliminary step to going to work. We hope to improve this situation soon ”.

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