Livestock exhibition confirmed in Coronel Suárez

Beyond the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the appearance of the delta variable in our region, the Rural Society of Coronel Suárez has already defined the date on which the 2021 Livestock Exhibition will take place, which will take place between 7 and next October 9, a few days before the date on which it traditionally takes place.

In addition, while the organizers observe the health situation askance, they still have enough hopes of being able to carry out the commercial and industrial part of the exhibition, and do not rule out the possibility that many activities can be carried out outdoors.

In this sense, the manager of the Rural Society, Roberto Olmedo, commented that “we are in great uncertainty, although for now we have the livestock part on track with the support of the Angus, Hereford and Corriedale associations.”

For the moment, Coronel Suárez’s exhibition will only be livestock, as happened in the first exhibition carried out, in 1919.

“The commercial and industrial sample is still in great doubt, which has not been ruled out but it does not depend on us,” he acknowledged.

The manager commented that, for the latter, one must have municipal and provincial authorizations, and remarked that “some sectors will have to be adapted” or -for example- stop making some samples such as the Tantanakuy Carpa, the traditional meeting of artisans that takes place in rural areas.

“That is to say, we cannot do a strict control of the people who enter, but an expo can be held in the open air,” he explained.
Olmedo said that the auctions are carried out in the facilities of the Rural Society and that, with the cabañeros and authorized buyers, it could be taken outdoors without problems and not in the sales ring, which is a more closed place.

Rural exhibitions return to the region, with several changes

“From the industrial sector they are calling us, since they must make a previous investment in insurance, transfers and others, but we know that each exhibition that takes place in Coronel Suárez is a great showcase and that there are many who want to be there. But we need the one who exhibits to have the necessary people to see it ”, he clarified.

In addition, he remarked that it is not known whether the entities that normally sell food or offer services during the event, to add money to their coffers, will be enabled this year.

Roberto Olmedo, manager of the rural Suarense.

“There are many things that remain to be seen: shows and sports are returning, so we depend on the continued decline in COVID cases to be able to carry out the exhibition that gives us so much pleasure,” he said.

Finally, Olmedo said that “the livestock part is on track, expectations are always in force and, as the vaccination progressed, we hope to be able to carry out the exhibition and that all Coronel Suárez can enjoy it.”

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