Laursen’s crash ends abruptly

For a moment everyone had caught their breath. After the violent clash with goalkeeper Stefan Ortega Moreno, however, Arminia’s left-back Jacob Laursen is doing relatively well again. This Monday the Dane has to go to the dentist.

Painful collision: Jacob Laursen, lying on the ground, is treated.

imago images/Ulrich Hufnagel

Visitors who stayed a little longer in the stadium on Saturday after the match between Bielefeld and Frankfurt had ended were not badly surprised. While Arminia’s substitute and substitute players were completing the usual supplementary training on the field with athletics and rehab trainer Niklas Klasen, the club’s doctors, Dr. Tim Niedergassel and Dr. Stefan Budde clears the goal area on the north side of the Schüco Arena.

Background: The two medics were looking for a molar tooth that left-back Jacob Laursen had lost in his rescue act and the massive crash with his own goalkeeper Stefan Ortega Moreno in the 56th minute – allegedly at least …

Laursen suffers from whiplash

While Laursen went to the hospital, where after a detailed examination no serious damage was found in Laursen (and Ortega Moreno), Niedergassel and Budde ultimately searched in vain for the 26-year-old’s tooth. As it turned out later, this had not lost the entire tusk including its roots. It was “only” a small piece broken off – nowhere to be found in the lush green of the Bielefeld sports facility.

Laursen, who suffered a whiplash injury beyond the chipped tooth and, like Ortega Moreno, has to rest for 48 hours, is expected at the dentist this Monday. If the broken tooth is relevant for the chewing surface, it is given an artificial abutment, otherwise it is simply sealed. A light end to the accident is looming.

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